Female Sex Hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone And Testosterone

The female sex hormones consist of two types of hormones- estrogen and progesterone. Usually, the ovaries and the adrenal gland secrete these two types of hormones. Every female also has a small portion of testosterone present in her body.

What do you mean by estrogen?

When it comes to female sex hormone people often talk about estrogen. It is the most well-known hormone present in females. Most of the portion of this hormone is produced in the ovaries. The adrenal gland and fat cells also help in producing this hormone in small amounts.

When a woman gets pregnant, the placenta also produces estrogen. This hormone plays a vital role in sexual development and reproduction. It also has a role in the menstruation cycle and menopause. There is some estrogen related medicine called progynova 2mg sale on Generic Island.

What do you mean by progesterone?

After ovulation, the ovaries produce the hormone progesterone. The placenta and adrenal gland also help to produce this hormone in the female body. One can see a spike in this hormone during pregnancy. With the help of progesterone, the female body stabilizes the menstruation cycle and also makes the body ready for pregnancy. Women with a low level of progesterone often face problems getting pregnant, irregular periods, and also complications during pregnancy. This hormone also prepares the uterus lining for a fertilized egg.

What do you mean by testosterone?

We know testosterone is the main hormone present in male, but a small portion of this hormone is also found in women. This hormone helps with sexual desire, muscle, and bone strength and also makes sure females have a regular menstruation cycle.

What role does the female sex hormone play during puberty?

A female often enters puberty around the age of 8 to 13, and it gets over by the time they reach 14. When females hit puberty, the pituitary glands secrete different types of hormone, which helps in the production of progesterone and estrogen. Hence during puberty, the female goes through a considerable amount of changes such as breast development, oil production in the skin, growth of hair in armpit, pubic area and legs, growth in hips and pelvic area, height development and fat storage in butt, legs, and thighs.

Do sex hormones play any role in menstruation cycle?

Most of the time, females first get their period between the ages of 10 to 16. The menstruation cycle has three phases- Follicular phase, Ovulatory phase and Luteal phase.

What role do sex hormones play during pregnancy?

In the first week of pregnancy, females should expect a rise in their progesterone level. During the second trimester, both progesterone and estrogen keep on increasing. After the pregnancy gets over, one should expect to see a fall in their hormone level as the body prepares to go back to the pre-pregnancy body

What role do the hormones play during menopause?

By means, we mean when a woman stops getting her periods and loses the ability to get pregnant. On an average woman starts menopause around 52 years of age. After menopause, the ovaries only produce a small amount of estrogen and progesterone. With the decrease in estrogen, women also lose their sex drive.

All three hormones play an essential role in sexual desire and arousal for women. When the woman has a high level of estrogen, the vagina gets lubrication, and also, one will have increased sex drive. Likewise, women with low levels of these hormones won’t have sexual desire and have a hard time getting orgasm.

These sex hormones play a crucial role in the female body as it affects the body weight, bone development, hair growth, sexual desire, and many more.




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